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What can green coffee beans do for you?

When someone mentions coffee beans, you probably think about the aromatic, brown beverage that 99% of people around the world enjoys to drink. What if I were to tell you that there are other uses for a coffee bean?

Green coffee beans are not some kind of special kind of coffee beans. You may find this surprising, but coffee beans are actually not brown, dryish seed. Yeah, that’s another common misunderstanding when it comes to coffee beans. They are actually seeds and not beans. Anyway, the brown coffee bean that we know is roasted, while when we pluck the seed from the coffee plant (usually somewhere in Brazil, or other country where they grow them in abundance), the coffee bean is green. This is what we are interested in right now and I’ll tell you why very soon. Read more...


Lose weight easily and naturally with green coffee

You’ve probably heard on TV already that there is a new natural supplement on the market that can help you lose weight without doing any exercises. Yeah, I’m sure that sounds really familiar and that you’re already sick of hearing such claims, however, don’t stop reading this article just yet. There are a few things about this new supplement that you might find supportive to this, rather audacious claim. Here are 10 things that you need to know about Green Coffee Bean Max that support the claim that it can help you lose weight:

1. One study of benefits on the helpful properties of green coffee extract on losing weight, in which a large group of people was involved, has found that, even though the participants didn’t change anything in their lifestyle (they still ate pretty much the same food) were able to lose an average 17 pounds in a 12 week period of how much the study lasted. Most people lost, in average, 10% of their overall body weight and around 15% of the fat. Read more...

Is Green Coffee Bean Max a real deal or not?

Green Coffee Bean Max is a new kind of weight loss supplement that was first promoted by Doctor Oz on his famous TV program as “The green coffee bean that burns fat fast”. But is this claim a little too much? I don’t think it is. Please read this article to find out why.

First of all, what are green coffee beans? Are they some kind of different bland of a regular coffee that we use for making what is probably the favorite hot beverage around the world? No, green coffee beans are actually unroasted regular coffee beans, which is what makes them green and not brown, in case you missed it.
You see, when the coffee bean is roasted, it becomes useful for making beverages, but lose much of it other properties. This is because coffee bean, once roasted in the oven, loses a very valuable ingredient called Chlorogenic acid. Read more...

Green Coffee Bean Max – a great new way to lose weight

Losing weight has long stopped being just about appearance. In the last few decades, the majority of the US population has become overweight with a large percentage of those people being obese. And while the psychological issues of being overweight and obese are definitely something that should not be ignored, the health implications are even more important and dangerous. Obesity contributes to the development of a variety of cardiovascular diseases and events and it is therefore absolutely essential that we start losing weight. One of the products that can be of immense help in this is Green Coffee Bean Max. Read more...

Green Coffee Bean Max FAQ answered

Green Coffee Bean Max is one of the most popular new weight loss supplements and it has taken the market by storm. Due to this rapid rise in popularity, there are many people who are not really familiar with this product and who have a number of questions that they would like answered before they start using Green Coffee Bean Max to lose weight. We wish to answer these questions, or at least those that we have found to be of most interest to potential users. Read more...

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